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Dr David Healey discusses so-called ‘endogenous’ depression:

Professor Joanna Moncrieff discusses bipolar depression:

Professor Lawrence Kirmayer talks about changes in psychiatry:

He continued:

He also said:

He also said:

He explains how this different way of thinking about depression is “much more politically challenging”:

He also said:

Dr Rufus May explains how exclusively brain-based explanations for depression make people feel:

Dr Derek Summerfeld explains an experience he had in Cambodia (he later elaborated):

An extraordinary protest in Berlin – that turned into something quite different – taught me so many lessons about how to reconnect and overcome depression. These are some of the people I spoke with.

Nuriye Cengiz told me:

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Another woman told me:

Sandy Kaltenborn told me:

Ulrike Hamann explained:

Nuriye continued:

Taina Gärtner explains:

Taina continued:

She continued:

Nuriye also said:

She also said:

Mehmet Kavlak said:

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Richard Stein explained: